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TRIPLE Your Impact!

Hi there, you amazing person!

If you’re like a lot of the business owners I meet, you probably spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to make it all work – how to make good money while also staying true to yourself and living what you’re called to do.

You see people who make running a lucrative, heart-centered business seem effortless. After all, they go to yoga, travel to beautiful places, have time for their kids, and still manage to make a big paycheck and a big impact with their work. YOU want to be in the club, too!

What is their secret? How do they get it all done? And there IS a lot to do, right? Write savvy emails, craft a marketing plan, figure out your niche, go to networking events, book public speaking engagements, keep up with social media… the list goes on and on. It’s head-spinning!

Believe me… I understand! I spent YEARS on this merry-go-round, trying to get things right so my business would finally take off. So I’d finally be touching peoples’ lives the way I knew I could. So I could finally stop going into debt just so I could keep going.

Eventually, I got really tired. I stopped trying to figure it out on my own and I went directly to those successful business owners who have the kind of lives I wanted. I asked them how they do it. Since then, I’ve conducted over 30 interviews with 6- and 7-figure women business owners and spent tens of thousands of dollars on high level training with the best of the best.

And you know what? At a certain point it all started to gel for me into a beautiful system. I discovered what it takes to have my business flow easily. (And now I, too, make 6 figures, and thousands of people look to me for guidance as one of those successful people!)

Here are some of the things I know:

  • No matter how messy and imperfect things look and feel, there is a divine simplicity and order in everything, waiting for you to uncover it.

  • Thinking and acting like a successful person isn’t difficult – it’s just different.
  • WHAT you do is vitally important. And if you’re not also addressing HOW you’re doing it and WHO you’re being – your development as an entrepreneur with integrity – there is a serious cap on how big your business can grow. It’ll be like building a castle with no foundation – once you start growing into your greatness, you’ll sink back to the ground.

I’m telling you this because I want you to understand how to work smarter, not harder. When you know how…

It Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

And this is exactly why I’m inviting you right now to my 1-day LIVE event coming up on March 23 where I’m going to be teaching you exactly what you can do to shift your business into a thriving, soul-satisfying venture.

This is a very special day I planned just for business owners who are ready for something BIG to happen; people who are passionate about bringing their visions alive in the world, and who want to make 6 figures doing that.

Even if you’re just starting out, if you’re serious, the information you’ll learn in this one day will alter the course of your business forever. I’m going to be teaching what I wish I someone had told me when I was starting out!

Now, most folks like us are pretty savvy – and creative, inspired, empowered. (And CUTE, too!) But one thing most of us don’t have is a really solid understanding of what it takes to succeed. You might be smart, and understand people pretty well. And you’re probably really good at what you do. But that does NOT mean that you know how to put it all together in a way that will reach 1000′s of people and make you good money.

These are specialized skills that don’t get bestowed upon us just because we’re doing something great in the world. There are specific things we must learn.

So this day-long delicious experience I’m cooking up for you is designed to help you internalize the mindsets, habits and step-by-step business systems of successful heart-centered entrepreneurs.

You’ll go home with a personalized road map for your own success, and a clear action plan for your next steps in making money while bringing your vision to reality.

What you learn in this one day will serve you for the rest of your life!

6 Figure Home Office

You’re going to get off the merry-go-round of trying to figure things out, and get into action.

You’re going to be clear about what you’re doing every single day when you sit down to work, and confident that you’re spending your time doing the right things to get you where you want to go.

It’s going to free up so much energy to stop second-guessing yourself, and know in your bones that what you’re doing is giving people something valuable that they really want – maybe even need – in their lives!

Go to sleep at night knowing that you made great movement, AND had the time and money to enjoy your life outside your work, too. People, hobbies, vacations, outings, classes… when your business is going well, you can enjoy all of these fully – guilt-free.

What’s going to happen at Your 6 Figure Business Makeover?

During this fun and experiential day, you’re going to:

  • Put your attention on what’s really going on in your business, so you know exactly what to do to get the financial and other rewards you deserve.

  • Make some powerful mindset shifts that will have you think and act – and receive the results of! – a 6-figure expert. This is priceless, life-changing information!

  • Leave knowing the first step you can implement right away that will have you bypass the things that usually stop you and lead you right into a huge win.

  • Form a core support system of amazing folks who want you to succeed!

Join us!

March 23, 2012

At the beautiful
Radisson Hotel – San Francisco Airport Bay Front

Free Parking. Free Airport Shuttle.

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Yes, Alison!

I’m ready for My 6 Figure

Business Makeover!

I’ll be attending the 1-day event so I can turn my business around and start making more money, helping more people, and living the life of my dreams!

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Are You Coming?

Alison Marks

p.s. Pay attention if you have an inkling this might be for you. If you’ve gotten this far on this page it means something important. I encourage you to GO FOR IT! You have nothing to lose and SO MUCH to gain.
Go ahead! SIGN UP NOW.