The 3-Item To-Do List Secret

October 19, 2011 by Alison Marks  
Filed under Productivity

By Alison Marks

Ever feel overwhelmed by your to do list? No matter how big and gnarly it is, you can ALWAYS do this, and experience a less stressful day.

Each day, go through that list — or if you don’t have a list, create this from scratch — and determine what you TOP THREE PRIORITY ITEMS for the day are. Write these on a piece of paper (I like a post-it note, personally), and keep that visible on your desk throughout the day. When you complete your three items, of course you’re free to select three more.

Be careful about selecting your items. Make sure at least one of them is actually something that will directly make you money. (Which, of course, means you need to know your business well and be familiar with what activities are your biggest income producers.)

Using this system helps you focus.
Your brain doesn’t need to expend energy and attention throughout the day trying to figure out what to do, because you already did that. You can do it just once, and not have to have that wheel spinning all day long. Just focus on execution!

Try it for one week, and let us know what you accomplish in the comments below.

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